Our Stores

Dakshinam Sarees was conceived with the intention of sharing the beauty of handcrafted sarees from the Southern states with the rest of the country. Dakshinam Sarees now supports 28 artisanal communities sourcing handcrafted sarees that employ the traditional practice in principle, unique to a particular type of saree. Our showrooms are the physical manifestation of and celebrate not just the Sarees but the history, culture, craft, the process and the people involved in the creation and journey of Dakshinam Sarees. 

We, at our showrooms, have attempted to communicate with our patrons through stories and visuals the value chain that enhances the life of the maker and the receiver. We value nature, fine craftsmanship and our patrons. Our patrons become the core of our brand and keep the circle of creation alive and enriched. Your experience and understanding of the craft and the process has in the past and continues to inspire us for change, growth and innovation.

We are headquartered in Chennai with stores in Jaipur, Kanpur & Lucknow.