Inspired by the spiral that has an eternal affinity with nature, Dakshinam Sarees commenced on a journey in the year 2013 to make a difference in the artistic world of hand weaving. The founder created the brand with the humble intention of serving the artisan community from the remotest corners of the country by helping them connect and present their most exquisite weaves to the country. At Dakshinam Sarees, we want to ensure that the tradition of non-motorized loom that has been a symbol of dignity and pride lives through our brand and in every fold, our sarees speak about the rich weaving culture of a particular region. 
We envisage nurturing a healthy, active network between patrons and craftsmen by providing a platform, accessible worldwide, to launch the Indian handcrafted sarees. Since our approach is bottom-up, we promote a working environment which is inspiring and gives our craftsmen the opportunity to explore their potential. Think of your grandmother, back in the day, when she would buy her sarees directly from the weavers and explain to the artisan what she wanted. Dakshinam comes in to bridge this gap again. Our aim is to revive the dialogue between the creator and the patron. 

We, at our showrooms, celebrate not just the sarees but also the history, culture, craft, process, and people involved in the creation and journey of Dakshinam Sarees. Through this dialogue with our weavers and our patrons, we design a wide range of sarees from traditional to quintessential Madras, from classic to sometimes contemporary. With utmost responsibility and care, we present the best to our patrons who we believe are the core of our brand as they continue to inspire us to grow and innovate. 

We are headquartered in Chennai with stores in Jaipur, Kanpur & Lucknow.