Tussar Banarasi: Discover Royal Charm and Style


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      Tussar Banarasi Sarees


      Tussar Banarasi sarees represent a unique fusion of two rich Indian traditions: the luxurious Tussar silk and the intricate Banarasi weaving. These sarees are renowned for their lightweight texture, natural golden sheen, and distinctive motifs. Combining the best of both worlds, Tussar Banarasi sarees are perfect for weddings, festivals, and grand occasions, offering an elegant blend of comfort and opulence.

      What Makes Tussar Banarasi Sarees  Special?

      1. Exquisite Weave: Tussar Banarasi sarees are crafted with intricate designs and patterns, often featuring motifs like flowers, peacocks, and geometric shapes that are synonymous with Banarasi craftsmanship.
      2. Rich Texture: Tussar silk is known for its rich, coarse texture and natural gold sheen, giving the sarees a regal appearance.
      3. Versatility: These sarees are available in various colors, designs, and patterns, making them suitable for a range of occasions, from casual wear to grand festivities.
      4. Eco-Friendly: Tussar silk is often produced using sustainable methods, making these sarees an eco-friendly choice.

      Why Choose Tussar Banarasi Sarees ?

      1. Timeless Elegance: The blend of Tussar silk and Banarasi weaving creates a timeless piece that never goes out of fashion.
      2. Comfort and Breathability: Tussar silk is lightweight and breathable, ensuring comfort even during long wear.
      3. Versatile Styling: These sarees can be styled in various ways, allowing you to experiment with different looks.
      4. Handcrafted Heritage: Owning a Tussar Banarasi saree means possessing a piece of Indian heritage, crafted with love and care by skilled artisans.

      Things to consider while Buying Tussar Banarasi Sarees :

      To ensure the authenticity of a Tussar Banarasi saree, look for the following:

      1. Genuine Silk Mark: Check for the Silk Mark label, which certifies the purity of silk.
      2. Detailed Craftsmanship: Authentic sarees feature meticulous handwoven designs and motifs.
      3. Authorized Retailers: Purchase from trusted and authorized retailers who guarantee genuine products.

      Various Designs and Patterns that are Available in Tussar Banarasi Sarees

      Tussar Banarasi sarees come in a variety of designs and patterns, including:

      1. Traditional Motifs: Floral, paisley, and peacock designs are common, showcasing traditional Banarasi artistry.
      2. Geometric Patterns: Contemporary geometric patterns add a modern twist to the classic saree.
      3. Embroidered Borders: Richly embroidered borders enhance the saree’s overall elegance.

      Styling Tips for Tussar Banarasi Sarees :

      1. Jewelry: Pair your saree with traditional jewelry like jhumkas, bangles, and a statement necklace.
      2. Blouse Design: Opt for a contrasting blouse with intricate embroidery to enhance the saree’s beauty.
      3. Draping Style: Experiment with different draping styles to create a unique look for each occasion.

      How to Take Care of your Tussar Banarasi Sarees

      1. Dry Cleaning: Always opt for dry cleaning to preserve the fabric’s texture and color.
      2. Storage: Store the saree in a cool, dry place, preferably wrapped in a muslin cloth to prevent any damage.
      3. Ironing: Use a low-heat iron or steam press to avoid damaging the silk fibers.

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