Banarasi Tussar Saree: Elegant Silk Delight


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      Banarasi Tussar Sarees


      Banarasi Tussar sarees are a magnificent fusion of two rich textile traditions from India. Tussar silk, known for its natural gold sheen, originates from the tribal regions of Jharkhand, while the Banarasi weaving style hails from the ancient city of Varanasi. This combination creates sarees that are not only luxurious in texture but also exquisite in their intricate designs, making them a favored choice for festive and formal occasions.

      What Makes Banarasi Tussar Sarees  Special?

      Banarasi Tussar sarees stand out due to their unique texture and luster. Tussar silk, being less uniform than mulberry silk, has a distinctively rich and coarse texture that adds depth to the saree. When combined with the intricate, heavy weaving of Banarasi patterns, which often include floral and foliate motifs, mythological figures, and architectural details, the result is a saree that is visually stunning and tactilely inviting.

      Why Choose Banarasi Tussar Sarees ?

      1. Elegance and Grace: Banarasi Tussar sarees exude a natural elegance that enhances your grace and poise.
      2. Versatility: Suitable for weddings, festivals, and office wear, Banarasi Tussar sarees can be styled for any occasion.
      3. Eco-Friendly: Banarasi Tussar silk production is eco-friendly, involving minimal chemical processes.
      4. Unique Patterns: Each Banarasi Tussar saree features unique patterns and designs, making every piece one-of-a-kind.

      Things to consider while Buying Banarasi Tussar Sarees

      To ensure the authenticity of your Banarasi Tussar saree, look for:

      1. Natural Texture: Genuine Banarasi Tussar silk has a coarse texture compared to other silks.
      2. Golden Hue: Authentic Banarasi Tussar sarees have a natural golden sheen that cannot be replicated by synthetic fibers.
      3. Handloom Mark: Check for a handloom mark or certification to guarantee authenticity.

      Various Designs and Patterns that are Available in Banarasi Tussar Sarees

      Banarasi Tussar sarees come in a variety of designs and patterns, including:

      1. Traditional motifs like the 'kalga and bel' are popular, as are contemporary designs that feature geometric patterns and abstract art.
      2.  The color palette ranges from the natural hues of Tussar silk to richly dyed colors that enhance the intricate Banarasi weavings.

      Styling Tips for Banarasi Tussar Sarees

      1. Elegant Blouses: Pair your Banarasi Tussar saree with a contrasting or complementing blouse for a chic look.
      2. Statement Jewelry: Accessorize with statement jewelry like chunky necklaces and earrings to enhance the saree's elegance.
      3. Footwear: Opt for traditional juttis or classy heels to complete your ensemble.
      4. Draping Styles: Experiment with different draping styles, such as the Bengali or Gujarati drape, to add a unique touch.

      How to Take Care of your Banarasi Tussar Sarees

      Caring for Banarasi Tussar sarees requires attention to detail:

      1. Dry Cleaning is recommended to preserve the fabric’s texture and coloration.
      2. Storage: Wrap the saree in soft, breathable fabric and store it in a cool, dark place to avoid fading and deterioration.
      3. Avoiding Chemicals: Harsh chemicals can damage silk fibers, so use of such substances should be avoided.

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